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Our students had the pleasure of being taught be two incredible choreographers on 11th November and the feedback has been absolutely incredible! 

CHARLIE BRUCE who was the winner of So You Think You Can Dance #SYTYCD 2010 inspired our students by leading two outstanding jazz dance masterclasses that consisted of technique and choreography. The students were absolutely amazed by her classes! Charlies other credits include Dirty Dancing and Mamma Mia. We wish her all the best when starting her new contract with Rip It Up in London's West End. 

Our students also took part in two masterclasses based on The Lion King which were led by the absolute incredible MARK HINDLE. Mark has such a lovely nature and although he really challenges the students, they come away feeling energised! 

We cannot wait to get these pair back in the very near future! Thank you so much to both of you! 

Some of the students interviewed Phoenix Founder David Stinson. They were asking questions all about why he set Phoenix up and what his ambitions were for the future. He basically said that "Phoenix is there to provide inspiration for dance students. It gives them a platform whereby they can get taught by top industry names as well as network with teachers from some of the leading dance and musical theatre conservatoires in the UK. Phoenix is about providing something different each month and constantly challenging and developing our associate students". The full interview will be released very soon!

Finally, next month on 9th December, we have the amazing Danny Williams and Katie Rudkin!