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Terms & Conditions

What are the Terms & Conditions?


Applications must be made online via the website.

You will be informed of the outcome no more than 7 days after the application has been submitted.

It is your responsibility to contact the Phoenix Associates if you have not received any communication in regards to applications after 7 days. 

In specific circumstances, if it is not clear at what level the applicant's dance ability is, they maybe invited to attend a 'trial session' where we'll asses there ability.


Full payment for each academic year is £275 which should be paid at least one month from the start date.

In specific circumstances, we will accept monthly Direct Debit/Standing Order.

If you pay monthly, you agree to pay for missed months and that you cannot cancel part way through the academic year. Should you cancel, you will be invoiced for any outstanding months up until July of the academic year that you booked on. 

First aid will be administered by a First Aider to students in our care, if required, and emergency services called if necessary.
Please ensure all medical conditions are noted on your registration forms.
Any medication should be prescribed by a doctor/nurse and must have clear instructions for administering it.
    It remains the responsibility of parents/carers to inform Phoenix Associates of any medical or needs.
    Phoenix Associates will not administer any over the counter medication.
Please note that for promotional material we sometimes take photographs of the students taking part in an activity. If you wish your child not to be photographed, please notify a member of staff.


Our Designated Safeguarding Officer is Adam Tate who is one of the Directors of Phoenix. He is a qualified teacher and is a trained Safeguarding Officer.

Parents/carers can request our Safeguarding Policy by emailing [email protected] 

The Designated Safeguarding Officer should be contacted about any safeguarding concerns, issues, or further information.

The Designated Safeguarding Officer can be contacted by emailing [email protected] 


Students should bring a small packed lunch to eat during their 20 minute lunch break. We encourage healthy eating in our school.

A refillable water bottle is also recommended so that students can fill them up and remain hydrated throughout the day.


Students aged 16 or under must be dropped off by an adult unless written permission is sent to [email protected]

All students should be at the studios by 10.45am, ready to commence at 11am


The day finishes at 3pm and parents/carers should pick their child up promptly.


Do you offer a Free Trial?

No. However, potential students are welcome to attend a session and pay £25 to experience our incredible monthly associates.

Who will be teaching at the associates?

Phoenix Associates has different guest teachers/choreographers each month so that students get a taste of lots of different styles of Modern Jazz Dance styles and Broadway Dance. Choreographers could change at the last minute due to other work commitments, but be rest assured - whatever guest choreographer we have in will be of a very high calibre. 


Do you offer sibling discount?

Unfortunately not - just because the rate is so good already. 


Is there parking?

Yes - there is usually plenty of parking spaces on the road or in the car park across the road. Parking usually costs approximately £1. 


Is there a number I can call in an emergency? 

Please call 07955 288 303. 


What do students need to wear?

All students should wear Jazz Dance attire. There is no actual set uniform, but all students should always be dressed in dance attire suitable for a jazz class. Jazz Shoes and Jazz Trainers should be brought. It's also a good idea to bring tap shoes and heals (senior girls), just in case a choreographer wants to see a specific look.